Punctual, Professional, Dependable



Our maintenance schedules are designed to maintain the safety of our fleet, proactively maximise vehicle availability and increase the life span of all of our vehicles. We are laser focused on providing the highest degree of safety at Frontier Transportation, and in ensuring the comfort of the passengers, families and groups that we serve. We ensure that we invest the following strategies to support our safety goals:

  • Overall safety culture promoted and rewarded by company
  • Newer fleet of vehicles
  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment installed in vehicles and in scheduling office
  • Conduct DOT inspections for entire vehicle fleet
  • Consistently maintain an excellent DOT vehicle inspection record
  • Continuous safety training for all transportation specialists and drivers

We will continue to provide safe and reliable transportation by ensuring that our processes and people live by our values of 'punctuality, professionalism and dependability'.