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No Judgement, Just Love

Posted on May 9, 2017 at 9:45 PM

Frontier Transportation Star Employee Gale Geske Shares Her Passion For Young Minds  

Frontier Transportation will be holding its 2017 service awards later this year and will be recognizing star employees who have contributed significantly to the growth and progress of the company through service.

One of the employees to receive this recognition from the company is long-time employee Gale Geske. According to Frontier Transportation Owner and President Roc Anderson, Gale has shown amazing dedication and commitment to her job and has been a source of inspiration to the clients, staff and the incredible children that they work with.

Frontier Transportation transports children and young adults in state care, particularly those in vulnerable situations affected by drug use, alcohol dependency and sexual abuse. From infants to young adults, the company serves the transportation needs of these amazing children and their parents with compassion, professionalism and dedication. Frontier Transportation therefore, is more than just a transportation company, it is an opportunity to love, serve and encourage some amazing people.

Speaking with Gale at an interview, it was evident that her love and passion for the children was natural and deep. She was emotional just recounting her experience with many of the children and parents that she was fortunate to have bonded with. Having spent 5 years at Frontier Transportation, Gale has cared for many children and their families as she drove them from one appointment to another in her Frontier Transportation branded vehicle.

‘I love my job. I am excited to go to work every morning’ she says ‘just to see the children’. ‘I am excited when I get the chance to help, I love it when a young child recognises me and knows they are safe with me’. She continues, I always say when they get into my van –‘ There is no judgement here, just love, and happiness and friendship’. Many of them are already coming from difficult situations and my desire is to try and make them feel stronger and better if just for a minute’.

‘I love driving the children, and I hope to continue working with Frontier Transportation as long as they continue driving babies and kids, that is where I need to be’, adds Gale. I want to be used as a vessel and I feel I am achieving my true purpose being here at Frontier Transportation’.

To find out more about FT, please visit them at www.frontiertransportationmn.com

Congratulations on your upcoming 5th Anniversary at Frontier Transportation, Gale. Here’s to 5 more! It is indeed a perfect thing to see a career and passion merge so seamlessly for anyone. Frontier Transportation is proud to have an employee like you on the team.


Posted on April 25, 2017 at 11:30 PM

As Frontier Transportation evolves, the company showcases its growth, the evolution in its people, its clients and services in this new brand identity.

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